This FAQ provides short and sweet answers about a variety of subjects.


Do you take commissions?
Yes, but they are not always open! I usually have brief re-opening windows where I'll load up on projects before closing up for a few months. Be sure to check out my commission info for more details.

How do I know when your commissions are open?
I always post on my social media platforms about a week in advance and then do several reminders leading up to the re-opening date. I cannot message people personally to let them know my commissions are re-opening, so be sure to follow me for updates!

I emailed my commission request when your commissions were open why did I not get a slot?
I get a pretty large volume of requests every time my commissions re-open, and I can only accept a limited number of them, sorry. ): This does not mean I do not want to make your request! You're free to re-try the next time my commissions re-open. If your request is something that I really do not feel comfortable/capable of doing, I will let you know.

Do you have and online shop?
Click the Shop tab in the navigation bar! You can order remakes of plushies I've made in the past here. If you're interested in a remake of a plush that isn't listed, please contact me!

Why so expensive?
Unfortunately hand crafted work does tend to run pretty high cost-wise! Keep in mind that on top of material costs I also need to account for my time and expertise, overheads like machine maintenance, rent, power, etc, and that as a registered business I also pay taxes. I do understand that prices can get pretty high and I'm always open to discussing budgets and payment plans. See "how do you price your work?" in the next section for more on the subject!



How do you make your patterns?
I draft my patterns with good ol' pencil and paper! I start by determining the finished size and proportions of the plush, usually by drawing a full body side and/or front view, depending on the character's design. I then break down where I want the seams to be on the plush, and draw pattern shapes accordingly keeping the size, volume and fabric stretch in mind. Once the pieces are drafted I test them out in scrap fabric, usually the same as what the final plush will be made of so I know exactly how the fabric will behave. If I don't get the result I want I go back to my paper pattern and make corrections, add seams or darts, etc, then test again. Rinse and repeat until I get the desired result!

Can you give/sell me your pattern?
I have a few tutorials available here… but otherwise I do not share my patterns sorry!

How can I get started making plushies?
You don't need any fancy equipment and supplies to start making plushies! Some fabric, stuffing, pins and hand sewing needles are all you need. Then you might want to start by using a pre-made pattern instead of drafting your own, to get used to the materials and sewing techniques without having to worry about your pattern working correctly. Check out the next question for pattern recommendations! From this point on, just create! Try new patterns and techniques! Don't be afraid of experimenting!

Do you have tutorials and pattern suggestions for beginner?
I highly recommend Choly Knight/Sew Desu Ne ,Teacup Lion and BeeZeeArt patterns if you're just starting out! All of them have great patterns (free or payed) and some awesome tutorials.

How do you price your work?
Pricing can be pretty subjective when it comes to artwork, but there are definitely some pointers that can be followed! I wrote a more in-depth journal about pricing here



What fabric do you use and where can it be bought?
I use Shannon Cuddle 3, also known as minky, and I buy it from , and . My faux fur is usually Shannon Luxury Shag also from

Where do you buy safety eyes/joints/plastic armature/etc?
My safety eyes and noses are from and my joints, plastic armature and other hardware are from . The wire for my wire armatures is galvanized steel in either 14 or 16 gauge, depending on the project, and I just get it from my local hardware store.

What machines do you use?
I currently use a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 for regular sewing and a Baby Lock Ellure Plus for machine embroidery.

What embroidery software do you use?
I use Stitch Era Universal (standard edition) on a yearly subscription…

What stuffing do you use?
Regular stuffing from Wal-Mart!

Where do you get printed minky? ! I also have a review about printed minky here


Where else can I find you?
Facebook Twitter Tumblr

How can I contact you?
I prefer to be contacted by email at plushiluv(AT)gmail(DOT)com but I will answer notes/dm, just not as reliably.

How long have you been sewing?
I learned how to use a sewing machine as a child, but I started making plushies in 2004 when I was 14! I've been taking commissions since 2010.

How long goes it take to make a plush?
It depends on size and complexity! A small simple plush like my In-Training Digimons can be done in a few hours, while super large and complex projects like Super sized Toothless can take 60+ hours

Do you make plushies full time?
I do! It took 3 years of making plushies in every bit of spare time I had between college classes to make the big jump to full time.

Will you design a prototype for my factory-made plush line?
Probably not, sorry

Will you sew 10+ plushies for a promo event/limited run/etc at a special rate?
Again, probably not. As an independent artist I cannot offer bulk discounts.

Do you do trades?
Generally no. I will sometimes ask for trades for very specific things, but usually unless I offer first the answer is no, sorry.

What camera do you use?
A Canon Rebel T5i with the default lens!